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Yokohama, is the first harbor city introduced to the world as the entrance to Japan. Since the time its port was opened, Yokohama has been vigorously acquiring new cultures and information from foreign countries and introducing to Japan our country’s first-time-ever things from food to a wide range of cultures, which entitles Yokohama as the birthplace of Japan’s modern culture. The Yokohama, referred to as “Hamakko” in Japanese, has been very cheerful at enjoying life and willing to adopt whatever is good. Such a tradition of the “Hamakkos” cultivated long ago has been incorporated into the present fashionable and sophisticated streetscape.


Cup Nuodle Museum

Instant noodles have become a food that is eaten throughout the world. This is an experiential museum where you can learn about instant noodles’ history and the events leading up to its invention. You can experience the pleasure and importance of inventions and discoveries through unique exhibits and at the "My Cup Noodle Factory", where you can create a one-and-only, original version of "cup noodles".



Sankeien Garden

Within the 175,000㎡ garden, which was opened in 1906 by the businessman Sankei Hara who made a fortune from raw silk trade, there are historically valuable buildings – which were relocated from Kyoto, Kamakura, etc. – skillfully placed all around.




The town of "food" and "culture" where traditional flavors and culture are still protected by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of Chinese immigrants who came to Japan via the opening of the Yokohama Port. You can enjoy a nice lunch and dinner, as well as a stroll through stores selling Chinese goods. The Chinese-style buildings such as the Zenrinmon Gate, the Paifang arches (gates) on the east, west, south, and north sides, the Masobyo Temple, and Emperor Guan's Shrine are attractive sites that are worth a visit. Yokohama Chinatown warmly welcomes visitors with its “We are ChinaTown.” signs on its storefronts.



Landmark Tower

Height 296m, total area 392,885㎡. The Landmark Tower is an amazing area with the tower at its center, consisting of a variety of facilities such as offices, hotels, a shopping mall, an observation deck, a multi-purpose hall, and an open space built from a stone dock.



Ramen Museum

The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is a ramen theme park in which nine ramen shops from various areas around Japan are gathered together. Inside, you can enjoy a variety of ramen, such as the famous second-generation Genkotsu-ya from Tokyo, the Sumire from Hokkaido, and the Ryukyu Shinmen Hall from Okinawa.